Rain drops keep falling in my head

Posted by Boedullus - September 3rd, 2014

What am I doing here?

The question dripped down from the roof of Talaste’s skull once again, the tiny splash obscuring any other resident noises, making it impossible to focus on anything else for long. As it had been all day. Every day, for weeks now. Drip. The driving rain above the tree canopy reinforced it so that she could almost hear the cadence of it in her head.

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Talaste Survey

Posted by Boedullus - July 17th, 2014

1. First things first. What is your full name? And were you named after anyone, or for any particular reason?

Talaste, and that’s all you’re gonna get. I haven’t used or needed a last name in going on a century now, and I don’t know what, if anything, I’m named after.

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Posted by Boedullus - May 21st, 2014

Talaste settled into the stiff-backed chair across the room from Mikael, sighing dejectedly at being tasked with watch duty, and that all the way across the room. Really, it was just as well, as in his condition it wasn’t as if he were capable of much more than lying there, and bloody mess that he was, it wasn’t as if she especially wanted to touch him at present. But next to him, it had been easier to close her eyes and imagine these things were not true. Across the room, in this comfortless chair, she could only look over at his wounds slowly staining through his bandages and face the reality of the situation. Read More »

Talaste Backstory

Posted by Boedullus - May 10th, 2014

More than a century ago, Talaste was born in the dark recesses of the earth. She likes to imagine she was the daughter of a powerful drow noblewoman, that she was destined to be a queen, but her kidnapping during her third decade of life left her bereft of substantial memories of her parents. Talaste believes she retains something of her mother’s face, but the intervening century has left so little intact that any other memories are as likely to be fabrications as not. Read More »

An Interview with Brynna Vardennes.

Posted by Eisheth - February 19th, 2014

1. First things first. What is your full name? And were you named after anyone, or for any particular reason?

Easy enough—Brynna Marie Vardennes, though I go by “Bryn” with my friends. And I’ve never asked my parents about my name. It’s certainly not portentous or inspiring, like Freedomfighter Unicornblood McAwesomefists. It doesn’t even have a meaning, as far as I know. It’s more like just a sound. Brin-uhhhh. BRIN-UHHHH. Hm. Now it sounds weird because I’m overthinking it.

2. If you could do ANYTHING you wanted to, right now, what would it be?

Uh. LITERALLY anything? Jeez. The world is so full of possibilities. PROBABLY cliff-diving into a sparkling, clear blue sea while having sex with the hottest man in the world, with the knowledge that when I’m done with the sexy cliff diving there will be a feast of all my favorite foods waiting for me? And pie. Lots of pie.

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Trixy’s Story

Posted by Boedullus - November 26th, 2013

“I figured out that Durrenhead was a dry and boring place around the same time as everyone else, when it came time to undo my braid and let my hair hang down my back – when the women in town start noticing you’re becoming one. Of course, in our town this means being damned to a life of marrying a man, also from Durrenhead. That’s the age when one’s society undergoes a brief schism, splitting into those who are content to live the same old lives of their parents, and the ones who stamp their feet and insist that they’re going to get out of here. By their late teens, the latter work these childish notions out of their heads and succumb to inevitability.

“Myself, I wound up with one foot in each camp. I wanted to get out and see the world, sure, but only for a while, the way you read the first few chapters of a shitty book and giggle at it before you let it fall by the nightstand and rest up for the next day. Besides, I always knew I’d grow old and die right here in Durrenhead. My parents were both buried here when I was old enough to cry for them but not old enough to know their first names; my Grandma and Grandpa Coplin were buried here, and shortly before I turned seventeen so were my mom’s folks. Someday I will be too. The only difference was, I knew from an early age that I’d never be content to settle for a life as a Durrenhead wife. Read More »

Brynna: Preview

Posted by Eisheth - October 23rd, 2013



The shout didn’t just come from the house—no, it emanated; it reverberated; it shook.

Bryn brushed a bit of plaster dust—previously attached to the ceiling of her bedroom—from her dark hair as she winced, stealing a glance at her brother, who sat across from her on the floor, his knees drawn up casually to his chest.

Dom remained characteristically silent, though the ghost of a smile may have briefly flickered across his stoic features. It wasn’t that he liked to see his sister get into trouble—no, the real fun was watching her get out of it.
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Posted by Boedullus - June 20th, 2012

Howdy folks. I’ve been giving some thought to just putting the kibosh on the campaign. It feels like it’s dragging a lot, everyone (self-inclusive) is just enduring the process, and there’s not much real fun being had. I’m sure it’s not all game-related, as I know we have lots of other things going on, and maybe it’s best if we let those things take precedence. Dragging this game to its conclusion is not really the best use of anyone’s time, and at the very least I know it’s exceeding my own capacity for drudgery.

If Alex (when he gets the technological capability) or Brett (if he so desires) wish to finish the DMsmanship of it, as they’ve both done this campaign before, they can feel free to do so; if not and if desired, I can sketch out roughly how the thing is supposed to end if anyone’s curious. Instead, whoever wants to run something next is welcome to take the reins, or we can just throw in the towel and go our separate ways, or whatever.

Let me know – we have three weeks before our next scheduled meeting time, so plenty of time to make decisions.


Posted by Melkarion - June 18th, 2012

This is a short one, just something I had floating in the back of my head for a while, and never really had a good time to play out. The timing of it changed a couple of times, but in the end the next time Thom made it by the Lower Ward kip near the Armory was during the overflow of the Blood War into Sigil.

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Oh Hai, Neidor.

Posted by Eisheth - June 18th, 2012

Hollie sighed. The fake vampire (fake-pire?) was really bumming her out — it made her sad that he was not only kind of dumb but probably pretty gross-looking. She’d seen his thoughts, and they were desperate. And really, why would anyone remotely good-looking live in the dark? Hollie took a deep breath and closed her eyes, thanking all of her lucky stars (and she had a LOT of lucky stars) that she was both brilliant *and* beautiful.

Sometimes it felt unfair, but she bore her burden with a smile. A beautiful, pageant-winning smile.


She blinked — Neidor had been speaking and she had *totally* tuned him out. It was really hard for her to pay attention to what other people were saying in the first place, but here in the dark, how could she *not* just constantly think about herself?

Really, who could blame her?

She pressed a quick “rewind” in her mind for the gist of what Neidor had just said. Oh! He’d asked why she needed access to Nowhere. Well. That would take some thinking. And lying.

Luckily, Hollie was super-good at lying.

She sighed theatrically, resting her fingertips lightly on Neidor’s arm for a sympathetic touch. The best lies were based on truth, so that’s where she began.

“I have had the absolute WORST LUCK,” she wailed, and launched into the tale of how they had met Nithy’an the Insatiable in Pandemonium and accidentally unleashed him upon Sigil.

“The first time Nithy’an killed was in this one bar… it was a shame, too — he possessed a beautiful, gorgeous young blonde (I forget her name, now, which is a pity, because she could have *totally* been an Honorable Mention in the Miss Sigil pageant) and totally drove her to her death.

“After that, it was pretty much nonstop death. Nithy’an would possess people and drive them to overindulgence, and they would literally eat, drink, etcetera themselves to DEATH. It was so super-horrible. Also gross.

“Finally, he TRIED to control me and my friends… but for some reason, he couldn’t. This turned into an obsession — he’s been stalking us, slowly and methodically killing our friends out of… spite, I guess? Anger? Who knows what motivates this creep-o.

“Anyway, we can’t stop him — we’ve tried. And I haven’t really found anyone capable of enforcing a restraining order against him. So I decided that the next best thing I could do was to disappear. If I’m not there to obsess over, Nithy’an, what with his insatiable nature, will necessarily move on with his life… or life-like substance. Again, I’m really not sure what his deal is.”

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